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Resources to help your faith community connect with and serve your members with Meta tools.

Faith leaders around the world have dealt with new challenges to remain connected with their communities. These resources can help you use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to connect with and serve your members and followers.

Learn how to grow and connect your community during #MonthOfGood here.

Download the Facebook and Instagram fundraising toolkit here.

From visitors to members

Learn more about how to use our tools to create an engaging and welcoming online community that connects people to your organization.

Move from broadcasting to building community with these resources for community leaders.

Connect with faith: a virtual gathering recap video

Experience how diverse faith and spiritual communities came together to help create engaging spiritual spaces. Celebrate inclusivity, meet dynamic faith and spirituality leaders and discover best practices for nurturing and growing communities.

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Features for faith communities and creators

Facebook Live

Broaden your reach beyond the walls of your in-person gatherings by using Facebook Live to broadcast live events and stay connected. Start a live video from Facebook on your phone to share impromptu discussions or services. For higher quality broadcasts, you can also use a desktop camera or streaming software on Facebook Live. Learn more about how to go live on Facebook.

Live tab

Pages can showcase a dedicated Live tab so it’s easier for viewers to find live broadcasts. The Live tab would include all the Page's live content: scheduled Lives, current Lives, past Lives, on both mobile and desktop.

Live tab URL

Pages can promote their Live content off-Facebook with a Live tab URL that links directly to the Live tab. The persistent Live tab URL for all Pages is[your page name]/live.

Live Producer

Live Producer enables you to schedule Live broadcasts, create events and offer paid online events. You can connect streaming software and also set up crossposting to Pages and Groups to stream across multiple surfaces. Use Saved Settings to create presets if you stream on a regular basis and also set up a feature link to share a website and Messenger to allow viewers to message you directly.


Reels are short, entertaining videos on Instagram where you can express your creativity and bring your community's brand to life. Use creative tools like AR effects, music and text overlays to create engaging videos. Support your own nonprofit or the causes you care about by adding fundraisers to your reels.


Share quick, candid moments and get personal with text, music, stickers and more to share your daily life and interact with your community.

Facebook Groups

Find or start a group to connect with your community, collaborate digitally or discuss and share ways to support one another. If you have a teaching series or resources to share, create a unit in your group to easily find materials.

Tools to help you connect

Explore Meta technologies that can help you connect with and serve your members and followers.

Keep your community informed by updating your house of worship's Facebook Page and Instagram account with the latest information, including status changes and service hours. Remember that you can pin important posts on top of your Facebook Page for quick viewing.
Learn how to become a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate.
Learn more about the new Pages experience.
Creative storytelling.
Manage Pages from Meta Business Suite.

Facebook Live enables you to be part of what’s happening around the world in real-time, no matter where you are. If your community can’t meet in person, you can use Facebook Live to host online events and stay connected, broadening your reach beyond the walls of your house of worship. Start a live video from the Facebook app on your phone to broadcast live discussions or services. For higher quality broadcasts, you can also use a desktop camera or streaming software on Facebook Live. Learn more about how to start a live video on Facebook.
Specs for going live
Tips on streaming an event

Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to publish, measure performance, and interact with your congregation across all of your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.
Get started with Creator Studio

As a nonprofit, your house of worship is likely participating in a mix of fundraising activities to meet fundraising goals. Whether you are sending direct mailers, fundraising emails, doing pledge drives and more, each of these activities can be a valuable touch point to steward giving. Learn how houses of worship are using Facebook to support their fundraising strategies.
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Amplify your fundraising efforts
Engage your supporters with Facebook
Download the Fundraising Toolkit for Nonprofits

With Messenger Rooms, you can create a room to host free joinable video calls with up to 50 people with no time limit, making it easy to connect and organize everything from virtual ‘family fun’ nights to prayer meetings. Rooms can be created and shared through Messenger, Facebook (Feed, Groups and Events), WhatsApp or Meta Portal, and gives you the ability to share links to invite anyone to join, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. You can choose who can see and join your room and remove people from your room. You can also lock the room if you don't want anyone else to join. Learn more about Messenger Rooms and find additional resources for staying connected.
Controlling privacy in Rooms
Privacy matters in Rooms

Guides are a way for group admins to organize and share content and resources with their members. They work like an education module and are a great tool to help onboard new members. Members can also mark their completion of each guide and this completion rate is tracked within your Group Insights.
Managing the new public groups experience
Using Guides in your Group

Instagram brings you closer to the people and things you love. Use stories, feed, live video, IGTV, Messenger and Reels to express yourself and connect with your community. Learn how you can use Instagram to reach your fundraising goals and support outreach efforts. You can also use Instagram for giving and supporting efforts you care about through live donations, fundraising, using the "Supporting Small Business" sticker and more. For more information on how to have a safe and positive experience on Instagram, view resources here.
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How to create quality Instagram posts
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Creative tips for Instagram Stories
Go live on Instagram

WhatsApp helps you connect with those who matter most, reliably and securely through chat, group chat, voice and video calls. You can use WhatsApp Communities to engage with your congregation directly. Learn more about how to connect on WhatsApp.

Technology can help minimize disruption to operations by keeping staff members connected, regardless of where they’re working. With features like Groups to provide a single source for daily updates and safety recommendations, marking as important to send high-signal updates to reach everyone effectively, going live via video to make communication more engaging, or Safety Check to quickly acknowledge the well being of your staff, houses of worship use Workplace to increase communication and collaboration in their learning community. Workplace uses simple, no fuss tools to keep people connected while they're working remotely.
Business communication strategies
Workplace Academy

Create and share augmented reality experiences using Meta Spark.
Learn the ins and outs of building augmented reality effects with step-by-step guides and video tutorials. Join a community of creators to collaborate and be inspired.

Virtual reality lets you explore new worlds and attempt feats that seem unimaginable.
It has the potential to transform how we play, work, learn, communicate and experience the world around us. In Meta Horizon Worlds, you can do just about anything, with anyone, from almost anywhere. Host game night from across the street or time zones, meet up with fans at live events worldwide or join a community of creators and bring your wildest ideas to life. Check out our tutorials, view our asset library and start building your world today.
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